Corner closed permanently

Hi everybody, 


much to our dismay we learned that Corner is closed permanently. Stammtisch is on the lookout again for a new place. Anybody reading this blog is welcome to make suggestions.

For the time being we will meet at Lord Nelson's starting Friday 23rd, 2016. We will from 8pm onwards.

Lord Nelson's is on Detmolder Strasse - please check our Fish and Chips blogs.


Hoping to receive many good suggestion



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    Margarete (Mittwoch, 21 Dezember 2016 21:30)

    "New Orleans", Feilenstr. 31

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    Margarete (Mittwoch, 21 Dezember 2016 21:33)

    This Friday already, I meant, and I would send an email to everybody on my big, big list.

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