From now on - Englisch Stammtisch is at                                       "Nordpol", Mühlenstraße 2

The English Stammtisch Bielefeld was founded in the 1970s by a lecturer from the Pädagogische Hochschule Bielefeld, the forerunner of the University Bielefeld. Initially the Stammtisch was an informal meeting place for staff and students. The circle soon expanded as everybody interested in speaking English was invited to join in.

As an informal group, there are no membership fees or other regulations. We only meet to enjoy talking English. Conversational English proficiency is the only requirement to take part. Both native and non-native speakers are welcome. However, fun, not perfection, is the aim.

In the forty or so years since the Stammtisch was established, it has been visited by people from all over the world. Students and visiting lecturers from India, China, Japan, Australia, the USA and many other countries have joined us during their time in Germany. Today, not only university students and staff meet at the Stammtisch, but people of all ages and professions.

For at least the last thirty years the Stammtisch used to meet in the quiet fin-de-siècle ambience of Augustus (August-Bebel-Straße 47 on the corner of Heinrichstraße).  As Augustus closed at the end of 2012 we started looking for a new location. 




Please join English Stammtisch.


Be seeing you there.


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Duo Dinero - Udo Dinero

Long time Englisch Stammtisch member Felix Hoffmann and his friend Sascha will be presenting some Udo Jürgens songs on November 24th. You find the details below.


They will not waste your time.



mehr lesen





Fish and Chips at Lord Nelson's (November 4th) - Again and again.

Hi you fish & chips lovers,


it is the first Saturday of the month again, November 4th to be precise, and some members of English Stammtisch meet at Lord Nelson's (Detmolder Strasse) for fi & chi ( or burgers, or ...) - take you pick. 

They meet from 7.30 onwards - before you go - please check Lord Nelson's homepage. I am told they have got one.

The usual crowd may be a bit smaller this time as some of the 'usual suspects' plan an outing to Bad Lippspringe - it is Bonfire Night - Remember, remember ...


Enjoy the food









Stammtisch at "Nordpol", Mühlenstr. 2

Dear friends of Stammtisch,


after some roaming in the gloaming, we have found a new place for "Englisch Stammtisch" - it is the former Corner, now "Nordpol". There is food, drinks - music does not interfere with the conversation.

Why don't you give it a try? Everybody is welcome - you do not have to be a fluent speaker of English - all Englishes are welcome. 


Be seeing you at Stammtisch





This Friday - October 27th, 2017 - Stammtisch meets again at Nordpol, Mühlenstr. 2

Hi Stammtisch friends,


put on your snowboots and feed your huskies, it is time to go to Nordpol. The more the merrier - we need to discuss the future location of Stammtisch.


Be discussing - rack your brains - no dawdling this time.





Friday October 20th, "Stammtisch" at 'Rempetiko' (Stapenhorststr.84, Bielefeld

Dear Stammtisch friends,


Repeat after me, "REMPETIKO". October 20th sees the roving "Stammtisch" at Spatenhorst, sorry, Statenhorst, sorry, Stapenhorststr. 84. 

It's Greek again - -- if Arminia doesn't kick a ball or the musicians tune their fiddles in the Oetker-Concert-Hall there should be plenty of parking space around there. Line 4 also stops there; those who prefer buses, well, there is also a busline.

As you can see, there is hardly an excuse for not joining the inimitable "Stammtisch".


Be seeing you (8ish)



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