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Dear friends of the English Drama Group,
Please be cordially invited to our new production "Delancey Street", a story of friendship, love, violence and betrayal set in the Lower East Side of New York during the feverish era of the Great American Prohibition (1920-1933).
A cast of more than 30 actors (students of Bielefeld University and several public schools) will be acting in a self-produced play, supported by a crew of designers and technicians from the university's arts department, the Oberstufenkolleg, the Fachochschule's degree program of Fashion and Design as well as HERTZ 87.9 campus radio.
Performances are Mo, 19th May - Sat, 24th May, this time in the THEATERLABOR am Tor 6 (Hermann-Kleinewächter-Straße 4) at 8 pm. Admission free as always! We would be pleased if you could attend.
Be seeing you there

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